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Prehisotric Antiquities & Archaeological News Quarterly

Prehisotric Antiquities & Archaeological News Quarterly

Peck's Place Publishing
Rodney Peck has written several books and over two hundred articles on archaeology and the Native Americans.

Indian Artifacts Magazine Indian-Artifact Magazine will give you a fresh look into the secrets of the artifacts and lifeways of America's ancient past.


Central States Archaeological Societies
Central States Archaeological Society:


WinRelic - Relic & Archaeological tracking database

WinRelic is a relational database program written to help the collector / buyer / searcher keep track of sites and related finds and/or purchases. Photos of artifacts found, Relics for sale and stories about searching for artifacts. Links and other information. WinRelic can be downloaded for trial use from the web for trial and is easily registered if you decide to keep it. Find relics and other fine collectables on this site.



Penbrandt Prehistoric Artifacts & Collectibles
CHAPA1 :: Collectors of Historic and Prehistoric Artifacts
CHAPA1 - The Who's Who of Historic and Prehistoric Artifact Collectors Premier Edition




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